Negative people need drama like Oxygen…

Here is your life advice tip of the day.

You ever wanna know why people are always negative to you for no reason? It’s because they need it. They thrive on it. They enjoy it. That’s why some give you bullshit for no reason ’cause they are hoping to drive you crazy on purpose. They’ll do anything to bring you down to their level. It’s why they do what they do. Ever wonder why when all someone wants to do is treat you negatively all the time? It’s not you, it’s all them. They just thrive on the drama and they enjoy it. That’s all it is really. They can’t help themselves.

So if you know someone who can never treat you positively at all. Always saying something negative about you all the time, pay no mind to them ’cause that’s all they are a negative person. If that’s all they’re being is a negative person to you then they are probably negative to everything and everyone else too. Just watch for it, you’ll realize I’m right soon enough.

Why do people need drama in their lives? Is it because they need to get things off their system? Let off some steam? No. It just that they aren’t happy in life. They’re having personal problems so they take it out on other people. They enjoy the drama. Period. They’re just losers with nothing better to do but put people down.

People give me negative bullshit all the time whether online or offline but I don’t care. Life is good. I continue to smile, stay above it all. When people give you bullshit, try to remain positive. Pisses them off even more. Trust me.


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