Kim K. is right, she can be sexy if she wants to…

I’m not a big fan of the Kardashians like the next person but I thought I would throw in my quick thoughts on this whole Kardashian nude selfie thing. I hate Kim K. like most people but she does have the right to show herself off if she wants to. I mean, for many years there has been many celebrity women who have been taking nude pics of themselves for years. Madonna’s been doing it for a long time now. Many other models, pop stars and TV personalities have been taking nude pics of themselves. It’s really quite common in the Hollywood industry. A lot of female celebrities have been doing stuff like this for years but when Kim K. does it everybody have to be like: “respect yourself”, “put your clothes on”, “attention whore”, etc. blah blah blah…

I have no issues of women doing this stuff ’cause it’s their bodies and if they want to show the whole world what they got? More power to ’em. It doesn’t mean they are sluts or attention-getters, though. There are some women who have no problem being naked in front of people. There are some women who believe that being naked is no big deal. They feel confident about it. It’s their way of expressing themselves. Some women can be pretty sexual beings and they just want to show how sexual they can be. Some women are against showing themselves off and some are all for it. Every woman is different, ya know?

If Kim K. wants to do this stuff that should be her decision and her decision alone. It’s their bodies, let them do what they want. If they’re proud of their bodies, they have their right to show it all off for the whole world. Other women do this stuff all the time so if other women can do it, why can’t Kim? Kim censored her private parts but people got mad at her anyways. When other women trash her, I think it’s a sign of “jealousy” for sure. I’m no fan of Kim K. just telling the truth that she has the right to do this if she wants to. As long as she’s doing this legally and responsibly, it should be fine.

Kim Kardashian Would Like You to Stop Talking About Her Sex Tape


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