RIP: Keith Emerson 1944 – 2016

The music world just lost another legend and that is Keith Emerson who is most famous for being the keyboardist for progressive rock band: Emerson, Lake and Palmer. This one kind of bummed me ’cause “Brain Salad Surgery” is one of my favorite records of all time. I used to play the vinyl of that album to death when I was young ’cause I was fascinated with the keyboard playing of Keith Emerson. It was Emerson’s keyboard playing that made you want to listen to Emerson, Lake and Palmer. I’ve only listened to one album by them which was “Brain, Salad Surgery” and that reminds me that I was meaning to buy my own copy from Itunes soon. “Brain Salad Surgery” was a great album. I’m actually listening to that album right now as I type this and I almost forgot how amazing that album really was. There’s some pretty genius keyboard playing on it for sure.

RIP Keith and thanks…


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