Blank cassette tapes… remember those???


I remember back in the 80’s and early 90’s blank cassette tapes were a big thing back then. They used to sell blank cassette tapes everywhere in stores. Before compact disc came around, blank cassette tapes is where I used have my music collection.

I used make mixed tapes all the time for my own listening enjoyment. I would collect as many songs as much as possible by making copies from other friends or recording them off the FM radio by using a boombox. Yeah when I was a kid, I used to have a boombox with a record button on it that allows me to record off of FM radio. I remember I used to listen to FM radio all night and record my favorite songs off of radio. Whenever I want a full album from someone, I’ll make a copy of it on tape.

I also used to use blank cassette tapes for my Tascam 4 track machine where I used to record acoustic songs on.

Yeah, I remember I used to buy a lot of blank cassette tapes back in the day. I used to have loads of them.

I sort of miss these blank cassette tapes because today, music is done digitally these days with the likes of Itunes and stuff. Blank cassette tapes were better ’cause they don’t take up disk space on your computer, lol. I do miss those days, though.

I hate when technology changes but there’s nothing you can do about it. Technology changes and evolves, that’s the way it is.



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