Happy birthday, Eric Clapton…

It’s kind of funny ya know… thanks to Apple Music streaming, it gave me the opportunity to listen to ALL of Cream’s music and ALL of Eric Clapton’s solo albums in his entire discography. I haven’t listened to the Derek and the Dominos album yet but I will get around to it. I love Eric Clapton. He’s been my favorite guitarist for years. He’s one of the reasons I play guitar and why I do what I do. While I do love Clapton’s solo career, I loved his solo albums in the 70’s and the 80’s better but the stuff he did in the 90’s and up weren’t that good. Although, the only new Eric Clapton album I liked a lot was “The Breeze” that tribute album he did for JJ Cale was the best new album he did. Anyway, I’m a huge fan of Clapton. I was also a huge fan of his stuff in the Yardbirds too even though his career in the Yardbirds was pretty short.

I’m glad he’s still playing music and doing his thing. He’s got a new album coming out this year which I’m looking forward to. Even though I like Clapton’s older stuff more, he will always be a genius.

Happy birthday, Eric!



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