Before the age of social networking this is how we used to unfriend people…


So true but very sad. It’s interesting how technology is changing things isn’t it? These days all the fighting, arguing, gossiping and drama is mostly done online instead of in person. I know from experience, lol.

Around the time when there was no internet, the way we used to unfriend people is either you’ll get your ass beat or get yelled at to your face or over the phone. These days people want to yell and scream at you online. In this day and age, people would rather end friendships with you over social networking. Trust me, I’ve had plenty of people who ended friendships with me through social networking, lol. Instead of meeting me in person or just a simple phone call, they’ll give you a “block”. To me it’s real sad that people would rather end friendships over the internet ’cause that’s been happening a lot lately.

I guess people are afraid to do it in person or over the phone. People find it easier online. People are really strange beings for sure, can’t deny it.


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