It really does feel amazing to get positive feedback with my music, a lot of practice pays off for sure!

Each time I put something new out whether it will be a cover song, me singing karaoke on video, jamming on guitar to someone else’s songs or putting out new original songs… all that stuff seems to be getting positive feedback. Once again, I used to get people ripping the hell out of my talent back in the day. That was back in the early 2000’s years when people were trashing my talent. So that is what’s inspired me to get better and improve. I thought to myself, “Gee, I better listen to them and prove them wrong that I can be a good musician”. So I decided to step up and teach myself how to become a better musician so that’s what I did. I decided to learn music theory and get better at that which I did. I know a lot about music theory now and memorized a lot of it so music theory is definitely helping me get better. I’ve gotten better at using the metronome now and understand timing/rhythm patterns which I’ve seem to have gotten better at. Understanding rhythm and timing, being good with the metronome will definitely help more people to like your music more for sure. Staying in time is really important . I’ve decided to get better with my guitar playing and singing both.

All this positive feedback lately is inspiring to take my music further… like with the internet album and stuff. All of this nice feedback is inspiring me to get back out gigging again too. I used to get so much negative feedback but from the looks of things, I haven’t seen anyone say anything negative so far. It’s just amazing and feels good. I can see why musicians and bands love what they do. All the positive feedback keeps them going in music and it’s why they do what they do. If your songs aren’t getting any responses then why bother?

If you want people to take your music seriously, you gotta work your ass off and before you know it, good things will come out of it. Hard work pays off. I prefer to be a self taught musician and I continue to be. I don’t want to work with other guitar instructors. I want to get my own sound and style. My own vision.

Even though I’m happy with where my musical talent has gotten, I still got more work to do… still got a lot of learning and practicing to do. I’m trying to become a more advanced musician is my goal. I want to become more technically skilled in guitar playing and yes, I want to shred too. I want to play like all the heroes that I looked up to. Become a real musician is what I’m after.


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