Is Ozzy and Sharon done for good???

I usually stay away from celebrity gossip and stuff like that but since this has something to do with the music industry, I felt it was worth getting my thoughts on. So is Ozzy and Sharon done for good? That’s according to the E! website who first reported the news and E! is all celebrity gossip so I wouldn’t be quick into believing this news yet.

If it’s true that Ozzy and Sharon are splitting then that’s good. Like most, I never liked Sharon Osbourne. In my opinion, I think she messed up Ozzy’s solo career by that stupid TV show, “The Osbournes”. I think Sharon totally used Ozzy just so she can get rich & famous herself. She’s a golddigger, indeed. I also believe Sharon messed up the Black Sabbath reunion which is why Bill Ward wouldn’t rejoin.

Why would Ozzy and Sharon split after over 30 years of marriage? Is Ozzy really cheating on her? If so I can’t blame him at all ’cause she must be driving him crazy. Sharon’s a bitch and egotistical. Since Ozzy and Sharon might be splitting then that would mean that Sharon would no longer be Ozzy’s manager for his solo career. Sharon is not only Ozzy’s wife, she’s also been a manager for him for over 30 years as well. This means that Ozzy might have to get a new manager.

Is Ozzy and Sharon splitting for good? We’ll have to wait and find out. Maybe Ozzy himself would shoot these rumors down soon, who knows? We’ll have to wait and see. I hope they are splitting ’cause I can’t stand Sharon. Ozzy’s better off without her.


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