Should bands be going around acting like they’re the best ’cause they won a “Best of”???

I know I haven’t been talking about local music too much but here is something that I feel the need to get my thoughts on. There’s a huge debate in the musician section in the Albany craigslist that just exploded. There this band that made no. 1 for “Best Local Band” in the Times Union “Best of“. So the band that made the no. 1 spot made a post promoting one of their gigs and they wrote, “See why we’re in the best in the area”.

A huge debate explodes after that saying that this band shouldn’t be going around acting like they are the best in the area just because they won a best of for a dumb newspaper. Others feel that the band advertising themselves as “the Best in The Area” is a turn off and a bit egotistical. I would have to agree there.

These days it seems to be pretty common that local bands that win a “Best Of” or get a huge write up in a newspaper, they go around acting like they’re all special. They go around acting like they’re so big.

As a musician, that’s the last attitude I would want to have. Being humble and not taking yourself serious is the best way to be. In fact, I don’t go around acting like I’m great and acting like I’m better than others like a lot of musicians seem to be acting that way these days. I usually let the music speak on it’s own. Let the people tell you whether you are great or not. If people think I suck, that’s fine. If people think I’m great, that’s fine too.

When a band or solo artist goes around acting like they’re so talented, that would be the last musician I would support. No thank you.

I don’t support musicians who are egomaniacs and there are a lot out there, trust me. I like musicians that are down to earth, humble and friendly.

On top of that, I don’t like these Best Of’s anyways. The Metroland is no longer around, people will look for the TImes Union for the Best Of’s now. Some people would say I’m just mad ’cause I didn’t win anything… wrong. I don’t care about these Best Of’s. Not one single bit. Even if I did win something, I would just brush it off ’cause I don’t play music to win imaginary awards. Not what I do this for.

In my eyes, if you’re one of those bands or artists who go around acting like you’re so great musically then you probably aren’t all that great. Winning a Best Of means nothing.



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