The #NeverTrump idiots can never make up their minds: Was America already great or not???


The NeverTrump idiots will do and say anything to make you believe that Trump is dumb and uneducated when it comes to America. First their argument was “America is already great”, meaning that they believe Trump’s idea of “Make America Great Again” is wrong and they think America is already great after all this time. Since they couldn’t find a way to make Trump look bad over their “America is already great” argument, now their argument is “America Was Never Great”.

Like usual the NeverTrump idiots never makes any sense. They would do and say anything to make him and his supporters look ridiculous.

The NeverTrump idiots do nothing but praise Obama by claiming that he made America better by turning the economy around and claiming to do good things for people when you know it’s all a bullshit lie. They say “America is Great” when it comes to Obama but when it comes to Trump they say “America is not great”. They believe that “America was never great” only when it comes to Trump.

Their “America was never great” argument is pretty ludicrous. America has been here for 240 years and all those 240 years, they wanna say that “America was never great”? You know that’s a bullshit claim ’cause sometimes America is great and sometimes it isn’t. You know that too. Like I said, you would say anything to make Trump and his supporters look bad. There were times when America was great. Get over yourselves. When you make that claim that “America was never great”, that sounds really anti-America, 100%.



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