The #NeverTrump idiots, nothing but a bunch of bullies? I’d say so…

This woman is so right on the #NeverTrump idiots. They really are the most negative people I’ve ever seen and it’s getting worse too. I keep getting cyberbullied by #NeverTrump idiots but I don’t care… Trump is still getting my vote in Nov.

Funny thing is the #NeverTrump idiots don’t like it when we bash their candidates whether they support Bernie Sanders, Hillary or Gary Johnson. When we bash their candidates of their choice, they would become all defensive. It’s crazy how that is. It’s like, “You can bash Trump all you want to but we can’t bash your choice of candidate”? Pretty sickening. I’ve been insulted and been called all kinds of names by the #NeverTrump idiots.

They wrongfully accused me of a lot of things too. A lot of them accuse me of being a hardcore “right-winger”. They accuse me of watching too much FOX News simply because I tell the truth of America. I was never a hardcore “right-winger” ’cause as you all know, I’ve been bashing the GOP for a long while now and I bash George W. Bush too. So I’m not on one side at all even if many accused me of that. Liberals don’t like it when you accuse them of being far-left… when you do, they’ll go “Well you stay on the far-right” as a way to silence you. I get that garbage all the time. They’ll never admit that they’re hardcore leftists… so sad.

The #NeverTrump idiots are so hateful toward Trump Supporters because basically people like Ted Cruz, Bernie & Hillary taught them to be that way. While it’s unfair that Trump supporters keep getting treated this way that’s okay, though ’cause all it’s doing is that it’s helping Trump win the election. In reality, the haters are campaigning for Trump too whether they realize it or not.



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