I predict DOJ will charge Hillary… they want Hillary out, get ready for Biden…

FBI’s James Comey may have recommended no charges against Hillary but that’s all it is. Just a recommendation. Why? It’s not really up to the FBI whether they want to charge Hillary. It’s all up to the DOJ really. So to those upset that Hillary is not getting charged, keep in mind… Hillary’s name is not cleared yet.

The Obama administration has something up their sleeve for sure and they have something planned for Hillary. I think Hillary could wind up getting charged shortly before the DNC even happens. Hillary and Barack maybe all friendly with each other and all but don’t let that fool you. Barack still hates Hillary’s guts. They’re trying all they can to get Joe Biden in the election. So when Hillary gets taken out by the FBI, Joe Biden will probably get nominated at the DNC. That’s what I think is gonna happen.

Valerie Jarrett and Obama both want Hillary gone. They want her out of the race. They’re trying all they can to get rid of her. This whole thing they’re doing is just a part of it. So even if DOJ charges Hillary and she’s off to prison, don’t get all excited ’cause Donald Trump could be running against Joe Biden in the General Election so that’s even scarier.

If my prediction here turns out wrong so be it but I think it’s gonna happen. It’s looking like that Joe Biden has been campaigning for something even though he’s not in the race yet. They have something planned for Hillary and it’s not gonna be good for her.


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