Why I agreed to help investigate Jaliek Rainwalker case and why I vow to stay on it… #JusticeForJaliek

Like I said before, I’ve been following the Jaliek Rainwalker case ever since he disappeared back in 2007 and I still follow the case to this day. While a lot of people seem to have given up caring, I haven’t. The Jaliek case isn’t widely known but it is a well-known case in my hometown of Greenwich, though ’cause the local papers and the local TV news used to report the story a lot but they stopped for whatever reason.

So far this is the latest story on the Jaliek case and nothing new since then:


Read more here if you want to know more:


Even though the local news media and the Greenwich police seems to have given up investigating, I haven’t stopped caring and I haven’t forgotten Jaliek. I care because he’s from my hometown. Just so you know, I’ve been talking with Jaliek’s grandmother who has been searching answers for Jaliek and she’s been doing that even to this day. She hasn’t stopped trying to find out what happened to him. Even Jaliek’s grandmother agrees that Jaliek was probably murdered by his own adoptive parents so take that if you will. Anyway, Jaliek’s grandmother wants me to do all this online stuff about the case and she likes what I do. I agreed to help her out all I can.

I’ve been doing all kinds of researching, googling and searching through social networking. I haven’t found much other than Jocelyn McDonald (Jaliek’s adoptive mother) trying to become an internet celebrity over her “Macroparent” wordpress blog which she deleted once I called her out for it. So that’s a pretty nice start. She thought it was okay to blog about parenting and education when she has a missing kid. So since I got her to delete all her online stuff after publicly calling her out, she’s definitely up to something and has something to hide.

Anyway, I’m not trying to be the hero. I’m not trying to get the cash reward or anything like that ’cause I don’t need the money to try to help solve this case that has been open for at least 9 years now. The Greenwich police encourages people to help solve the case so it’s a good thing to do to help.

I’m doing all I can to help find the truth as well. I may do more stuff than just online ’cause I’m thinking about putting together my own search team ’cause people really seem to have stopped searching and we shouldn’t stop.

If you think what I do is good then sit tight. I got much more coming ’cause I’m not gonna stop. This case deserves closure and Jaliek deserves his justice. Sure, missing children cases happen all the time but I feel this one matters. It’s getting close to 9 years since he disappeared. The whole town of Greenwich is still wondering about Jaliek and we haven’t stopped caring. There’s no doubt that he was murdered by his own adoptive parents. I’m not the only one who thinks so, believe me. His adoptive father, Stephen was the last one to see Jaliek alive and spent the night with him at the house on Hill St. Greenwich. Jaliek never came back out. Then the parents moved to West Rupert, Vermont and then continue to make claims they’re looking for him too? If they really cared about Jaliek, they wouldn’t do that. On their side, they’re hoping that Jaliek would turn up but what if Jaliek turns up in Greenwich and Jaliek found out that they moved to Vermont? That’s why I feel their claim is bullshit. They moved to Vermont to avoid the police. They’re cowards who won’t take responsibility for anything.

Most missing children cases always involves a family member anyways. Yes, parents do kill their own children (Casey Anthony, anybody???)… it does happen.


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