I improve yoga little by little with each session…

So I’ve been on Yoga for the past 3 weeks now and had three Yoga sessions. I’m really loving it. Yoga is amazing. Each time I go, I improve little by little. Just a little at a time, ya know? I may suck at it for the first day but don’t worry. You’ll get better for each session you do. Each yoga session, you’ll get more flexible and get more strength. Each time I do a yoga session, it does kick my ass each time and when the session gets over with for the night, you feel like you’re out of breath. You’re all tired and beat.  You’re body will be very sore after too but that’s good. Yoga is gonna be very tough for me for a while but the more I keep at it, the easier it will get.

You know how they all say “practice makes perfect”? It’s the same with Yoga. I’ve been learning some stretches for flexibility and I’ve been practicing my balancing at home everyday too. I’m also getting a little better with balancing.

While I do have scoliosis and the harrington rod in my spine, some maybe a little worried that yoga is a little risky for someone with scoliosis. It’s not really. I did a little reading on it. I’ve read that Yoga is actually great for the back. There are a few poses that I won’t do ’cause they might be risky for the harrington rod like any back bending or headstands I probably won’t do but other than that, Yoga is pretty safe even for people with scoliosis. So far, I can do most poses just fine.

I got into Yoga for a flexible body ’cause I need it. I need flexible arms and flexible legs.  Once I get flexible arms and legs, I’ll be able to do leg splits soon which is what I want.

Should I become a ballet dancer or get into aerobics? Nah, lol. I’m just doing Yoga for fun ’cause I enjoy it. On a serious note, I do want to become a better dancer though ’cause I enjoy that too.



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