Yoga benefits… Yoga is great for a lot of things…

Well, I’m so glad I got into Yoga. It’s already been like 4 or 5 weeks I’ve gotten into Yoga and since then I’ve been feeling really good. Yoga is great for a lot of things. Are you a weightlifter and bodybuilder? Well, Yoga will definitely help you lift weights whether working out on machines or free weights, flexibility will help you lift better. Yoga will also help make you stronger enough to lift heavier weights too and it has helped me already I’m noticing.

Yoga will help you on so many things. It’s crazy. Yoga not only does things for your body, it also does things for your mind. Yoga will make you happier, more positive and will help make you love yourself more. In other words, Yoga will help your self-acceptance. If you hate yourself and feeling depressed and all that stuff, Yoga will help turn your life around into a more positive person. Yoga will also help you get more confident in life. Yoga did help me become less shy and more outgoing. Yoga is a big time stress reliever for sure. Yoga is the best stress reliever out there.

There’s so many things that Yoga will do for you. You’ll get a lot more respect from people for getting into Yoga and people will feel proud of you and stuff. Yoga will also help improve your posture — it’ll help improve the way you stand or sit. Due to my scoliosis, I’ll admit that I don’t stand perfectly straight but Yoga will help me stand straighter and it will help me to walk better too. Yoga will also help get you less body pain. Yoga will also help you live longer in life. It’ll also help you get smarter and have better muscle memory.

4 or 5 weeks into Yoga and I’m already getting a little better. Still struggling on balancing but I’m slowly getting better at that too. It takes a lot of practice and patience to get good with balancing on one leg. I gotta get good with arm balancing too ’cause Yoga does a lot of that. I’m not that flexible yet but I will be the more I keep at it. I just gotta keep doing the stretches and practice.

I love Yoga, though. It’s definitely the best style of workout out there. If you want to have a sexy as hell body and look great, take Yoga. That’ll do it to you. Sure, you can get a sexy and hot body through bodybuilding but that’ll take a long time and hardwork. Yoga will get you built quick ’cause it’s a tough workout, trust me. Yoga is brutal. Yoga is definitely a great muscle building workout and a great fat burner workout too. You want to have a great body and ripped abs, Yoga will do that. That’s why you see so many hot women in Yoga ’cause they have nicely fit and toned bodies for years of doing Yoga, they’ve been doing it longer. These women in my Yoga class every Wed. night, wow. They have incredible bodies from doing all that Yoga.

Yoga is an awesome feeling for sure, though. I can’t do leg splits or head stands yet but give it time, I’ll soon be able to do some incredible poses. That’s my goal, pretty much. I know Yoga is very popular with women but I wish more guys would get into it, though. I’m sure you don’t see many guys get into yoga. Probably ’cause they think Yoga is for the ladies. It’s not. It doesn’t matter who you are to get into Yoga. Anybody can get into it. Doesn’t matter the age either. In my Yoga class at the Y, I’ve seen people over 50 who are beginners and just starting out so take that if you will.

If you have a gym membership and if they have Yoga class, I’d recommend you give it a try. It’s an awesome feeling.



One thought on “Yoga benefits… Yoga is great for a lot of things…”

  1. It’s great that yoga can help with posture like it helped you! I would really like to have better posture so my back doesn’t hurt when I wake up each morning. I’m struggling to do a lot with the pain, and maybe yoga could ease that for me so I can get back to my usual activities. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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