Which is better? Memorizing lyrics or reading them when performing live at shows???

When bands and musicians perform their shows locally, I am noticing that more and more bands & solo artists has been reading lyrics as they sing when they perform live. Some bands & musicians would read lyrics off of paper and set them on a music stand. I would also see some bring their Ipad and read lyrics off a teleprompter or whatever.

I’ve always disagreed with singers who read lyrics off of something. I look at it as them being too lazy to memorize lyrics by heart. Yeah, I know memorizing lyrics to original songs or covers by heart is a little intimidating but I think reading off of something when singing is cheating. If you want your listeners to take you more seriously, I think memorizing lyrics is the best way to go.

To me, it isn’t really all that challenging to memorize lyrics. It’s pretty easy really. I don’t know why so many musicians out there think it’s a hard thing to do. Yeah, I understand that singers worry that they’ll forget some stuff in songs when singing but that’s the beauty of performing live. Who cares if you forget a word or two here and there or if you mess up a little bit. When I used to gig all the time in the past, I always thought it was important to memorize all the lyrics by heart. I always did.

A long time ago, I used to read lyrics off a notebook when I perform open mics and stuff when just starting out performing but that’s when I was starting out back then. I think it’s better to memorize lyrics. Reading off of a something when performing live is a bit of a distraction for the most part. You want to be looking at the crowd, not looking down on something the whole time. You can sing a lot better when you memorize lyrics by heart.

This happens more and more each time I go out to see local music or see live videos by local bands. There’s nothing wrong with reading lyrics while singing live, you can do it if you want to but if you want to perform better or if you want people to take you more seriously… then get rid of that music stand and memorize the lyrics by heart. It’s really simple.



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