Media is just scared that Donald Trump is the ultimate alpha male when it comes to women!!!

The corrupted and biased, Washington Post thinks they nailed Trump by leaking an old audio recording of Trump having a private conversation with radio host Billy Bush and other men on a bus. On the audio recording has Trump bragging about how he was gonna have sex with this woman and Trump jokes that he could get any woman he wants ’cause of his fame by grabbing them by the pussy. You can hear other men joking and laughing, Billy Bush joins in on the conversation too.

Sure enough, liberal media gets all over Trump about this and they’re like, “Oh no, Trump says vulgar things about women”…

Looks like Trump puts out a statement about the leaked audio/video on his campaign website, check it out here:

I don’t find this conversation a big deal at all. They’re just being “men” aka “alpha males”. This is how a lot of guys talk about women in private conversations, right? Guys talk like this about women all the time. It’s a guy thing.

On top of that, just think of all the things Bill Clinton says about women when having private conversations with other men?

I’m not offended at all ’cause Trump is the alpha male. He’s not afraid to talk how he wants to which is part of what I like about him. Hillary will indeed get onto him about this in the next debate this Sunday and it’s gonna be interesting how Trump is gonna respond. To me this is normal guy talk. If you’re a guy, don’t tell me you haven’t had vulgar and dirty things to say about women with your other guy friends. If you haven’t then you’re fucking lying. The media is still in a desperate attempt to make Trump look bad when it comes to women.

This is no biggie so move along, there’s nothing to see here. There’s more important things to worry about like making America great again.

Just more reasons to hate the Washington Post. Get a real job, you bunch of losers!



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