If you want to live a happy and positive life, don’t care what others think about you…

These days, I believe people are getting a lot worse when it comes to drama, people saying mean things to others, judging others and criticizing others. The last thing you want to do is listen to other people and you don’t want to care what they think either. Yeah, I still get plenty of people thinking it’s okay to be nasty to me whenever they want to. They think think they can judge me and criticize me all they want to. Say all kinds of things about me that isn’t true and spreading rumors. All that garbage.

Ya know, not everybody says mean things to me and attacks me all the time. Some of the haters out there like to try to make me believe that no one likes me and hated by a lot of people which is also bulllshit. I do have a fanbase and supporters which I am grateful for. I do get people saying positive things about me and do have great people who treat me good too. I do have people who enjoy my music, guitar playing, they like my original songs and covers. I do have people who enjoy my blogging and social networking. I believe I’m a good guy and I’m very good to people. I do like good friends and good people. I’m just one of those types that if you treat me good, I’ll treat you good in return. If you don’t treat me good then I’ll treat you the same way.

I don’t really give a shit if people don’t like who I am. I’m just being me and that’s all there is to it.

Thank god for music, bodybuilding, yoga and boxing. All that stuff I do is what keeps me strong and keeps me positive. Helps keeps me stress free. Makes me happier. That stuff I do, helps keep me above the negativity in life. I don’t have time for childish bullshit with people anymore. Thanks to people like Donald Trump and the Ultimate Warrior who inspired me on life.

There are too many people out there who thinks it’s okay to tell me how they want me to be but it isn’t gonna happen. I’m not gonna change for anyone. I’ll always be myself no matter what anyone thinks. If people don’t like how I am online, that’s okay. That’s their problem. I always get a lot of complainers and whiners about how I am online but that’s okay. Just keep being yourself. That’s how you get more people to like you and respect you ’cause the more you don’t give a shit, the more people will catch on and they will believe in you.



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