Charlotte Flair… making women’s wrestling in WWE fun again? I would say so!!!

For a long while, the women’s division in WWE hasn’t been interesting at all. I think Charlotte Flair (real name: Ashley Fliehr) who is the daughter of wrestling legend, Ric Flair, is starting to make women’s wrestling interesting again. Whether you like her or not, you gotta admit that she’s making women’s wrestling interesting again.

I watched last night’s Hell in a Cell ppv so I can watch the first ever women’s “Hell in a Cell” match with Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks. My god. I was surprised! The match turned out pretty amazing and impressive! That match will definitely go down as a classic years from now and I think there will be more women’s “Hell in a Cell” matches after this one. Hopefully they do another women’s Hell in a Cell match for the next Wrestlemania. They probably will. Both women Charlotte and Sasha did a great job for their first “Hell in a Cell” match. Only thing I’m disappointed in that match was that they didn’t fight at the top of the cell. They did try to go to the top of the cell but only made it halfway up.

WWE did a great job making it seem like a Hell in a Cell match was too dangerous for women. Both of them pulled it off nicely, though. It was a pretty exciting match. Charlotte is definitely making women’s wrestling exciting again for sure. I’m sure most wrestling fans would agree. The more I watch Charlotte on RAW, the more I like her. I’ve been keeping an eye on Charlotte ever since she made her RAW debut. She started off as a babyface (a good wrestler) but then she turned heel after she turned on her father on RAW.

In real life, though, it’s obvious that Ric has been teaching her a lot about wrestling ’cause Charlotte reminds me so much of Ric Flair. I think Charlotte is one of the most talented women in wrestling we’ve had in a long time. She’s the best female heel since Sensational Sherri. I really mean that too. Not only that Charlotte is a great wrestler and good performer, she’s also smoking hot and nice to look at!

Charlotte is awesome and I hope she stays in WWE for a pretty long time. It’s obvious that Vince McMahon and WWE is pretty high on her right now which is good. I hope WWE doesn’t mess up her character and doesn’t screw her career ’cause they do that to good performers all the time. Charlotte could soon become the most recognizable star in wrestling since Trish Stratus and Lita. Hope they keep up the good work and don’t mess it up.


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