Albany, Crossgates Mall shooting… obvious “false flag”????

News broke out today there has been a possible shooting at the Crossgates Mall in Albany. In the two videos above where the local media interviews the police chief, that interview alone sends up a red flag pretty much. As soon as the reporter asks her if she has any evidence of a “shooting” at the mall, she pauses for a little bit and then suddenly says, “I can’t comment”. Really? Usually when there is a shooting, police are quick to prove it but she can’t???

If you look at the 3rd video where they interview the guy at GM restaurant, notice how John Barrella doesn’t look worried or scared a bit? He appears to be smiling a little bit.

This post claims that the shooter has been caught as seen in the photo but no evidence of that either…

No details came out of this shooting. I hear that it was claimed that 3 suspects has been caught but they were released already?

It’s an obvious false flag and it’s kind of odd this would happen a couple of days after the election just so they can find a way to blame something on Trump and his supporters which a lot of people already are.

On top of that, why would the local news media interview the police chief near the mall while there’s a shooter supposedly active? Wouldn’t it be kind of dangerous for the news media to be near the mall while there’s a shooter around? There’s no doubt this is a false flag and a stupid hoax.



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