Haters & trolls continues to be a huge problem online? Yeah, no doubt!!!

Some of you know that I’ve dealt with haters & trolls for many years. I still have that problem today! I’m not alone with that problem. Many other people who are pretty popular seems to have a problem with getting attacked by haters & trolls. It pretty much happens with everybody really. In all honesty though, it seems to me that haters & trolls only attack those on the internet whose web presences are pretty big. Whether you’re a musician, a blogger, you’re popular on social networking like twitter/facebook, a youtube star, a celebrity, etc. If you’re any of those then chances are, you’re gonna get attacked by haters & trolls.

Why do people with popular online web presences get haters & trolls? Is it because of the way they post online? Is it because people need to watch what they say so they won’t get others bashing them? In my opinion, no. It is not because of the way you use the internet or social networking. I think haters and trolls attack because they are jealous and envious of you about something. Why is it they are jealous of you? Maybe it’s because they know that you are living the life that they aren’t? They gotta be jealous of something like maybe they are mad ’cause they are jealous that you’re popular online. Maybe they’re jealous ’cause you’re living life to the fullest and you’re being happy. All that kind of stuff, ya know? If trolls weren’t jealous of anything about you then they wouldn’t be wasting all their time writing negative stuff about you. I am noticing that the only kind of people who gets a lot of haters & trolls are those whose web presences are big. If you’re not that popular online, then they won’t care about you.

How do you handle these haters & trolls? Well, some of you know that I’ve gotten really tough over them as of late! This is the internet. The world wide web so there is nothing you can do to stop their behaviors so the best thing to do is to ignore them completely. Don’t reply to them. That’s what I try to do anyways. I used to have a problem responding to trolls online but I don’t anymore. That’s what they want you to do, ya know? They intentionally try to piss you off and make you upset — they want to put you on defense ’cause it entertains them. They’re just bored people looking to entertain themselves. That’s how I see it, anyways.

Like the old saying goes, “Haters are gonna hate”. They have no reason to hate you at all. It’s not you, it’s them. People are crazy and there are a lot of assholes out there for sure so you gotta stay above them. This post isn’t just about myself, I’m trying to help others who have a problem with getting attacked by haters & trolls ’cause I know some others who go through the same thing. I just ignore them, delete their shit, block them, etc. They don’t like it but tough shit. As long as they’re writing nasty shit to me, I have the right to ignore them if I want to.

People attack me for everything I do. They attack me for my political views. They attack me for my music. They attack me for my fitness & bodybuilding. They attack me for being honest and real for the most part. The best thing to do is to not care what anyone thinks about you. Ignore their shit completely. I don’t really care if people don’t like me or not, my life is good and I’m proud of who I am.

Online bullying still is a huge problem. I agree with what the meme says above. When you try to tell them to stop their crap, they usually play innocent victim most of the time and they usually cry censorship. Happens everytime whenever I decide to call them out. Interesting how that works.

I’ve always believed that if you’re getting a lot of haters and trolls, you gotta be doing or saying something right and they don’t like it. A lot of people can’t take the truth, one thing to keep in mind. The trick is, I’ve gotten so used to people talking shit about me that it’s so easy to ignore now. People cyberbully you ’cause they enjoy it. Period. End of story.

Just continue to be yourself and be who you wanna be. Fuck what everyone thinks of you. I’ve had that attitude for a long time now and feel good about it!


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