It’s amazing that I get all of this support from people online… honored and humbled…

Yeah, I really do have a fan following online which means a lot to me really. Funny thing is some people don’t want to positively acknowledge the fanbase that I have online. A lot of people want to treat it in a negative direction like people call me “delusional” and say I’m living in a fantasy world and shit like that. Well, it’s a bunch of bull. I know I have a lot of online supporters ’cause I know what I see. I don’t know what it is people like about me so much but I’m just a normal guy living and enjoying life, that’s all I am really. I have a mixture of fans who enjoy my online stuff and I have fans who enjoy my music too which is awesome. So the haters trying to paint it like no one likes me is full of it. They’re probably just jealous is all.

This is why I keep doing what I do. Blogging and making music. I will keep doing both ’cause I enjoy it. I plan to get back into songwriting again this year ’cause I’m itching for new originals. I’m trying my best to get that internet album in the works. It’s gonna happen at some point here. I really want to get it done badly.

Thanks for all the fans and supporters… I’m not going away ever. I’m even honored & humbled that haters continue to follow me even if they don’t like me so I thank them too. I’m gonna keep doing what I do throughout 2017. People think I’m “controversial” and “offensive” but I never thought so, I just tell the truth but if people want to think so, I guess I’ll take it as a compliment. There will be much more coming from me this year, no doubt. I’m just gonna continue to be me no matter what people say, maybe that’s what people like about me? I don’t know.

I’m not trying to be a narcissist or anything but just trying to let the fans/supporters know that I’m paying attention to you and I care about you all. Rock on!



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