How I am doing in Yoga so far…

So I’ve been onto Yoga for a couple of months or little more now. It may seem like Yoga is a women’s only workout but not really. Anybody can get into Yoga. Yoga is most popular with women of course but there are guys that get into it too. Even though, I’m just a beginner at Yoga for now, I’ve noticed that I am getting a little more flexible. I can’t do a full leg split yet but I am noticing that my legs can spread wider than ever before so yoga definitely works. I am getting a lot better with the balancing too. I can’t do head stands yet but I’m gonna learn.

I’m already addicted with Yoga and plan to stay committed to it throughout 2017. I’ll try not to take too many breaks either ’cause I really need a flexible body. I’ve just learned that if you want to get into bodybuilding, weightlifting, boxing or martial arts… you need a flexible body for that stuff so you can prevent injury and all that stuff. Plus, Yoga is good for your health and you can improve your life. Yoga not only does things for your body, it does a lot of things for your mind too. Yoga is a great stress reliever, helps get your mind off of everything, can help you become a more positive and confident person. Will definitely make you happier too.

Yeah, I have become quite a Yoga fanatic already. Pretty soon this year, I plan to buy my own yoga strap, yoga blocks and maybe I’ll buy a few yoga DVDs too so I can have my own yoga sessions at home. Some mistakenly believe that you’re too old for Yoga but Yoga can be for anybody of any age. I’m 40 now and it’s a good time to get into it. Yoga is actually great for those who are getting older. I am feeling it each time I do a yoga sessions at the Y and already am feeling a little “flexibility”.

Yoga is awesome and I’m planning to stick with it. Some may think it’s kind of weird for men to get into yoga but it’s not weird at all. Men need to do it whether they want to admit it or not. THere’s a myth out there that Yoga is a women’s workout but please… guys just say that ’cause they are too lazy to get into yoga. They think Yoga looks boring to them which is why a lot of men don’t get into Yoga. Instead they would rather hang in the weight room building muscle. Nothing wrong with that but flexibility is important with bodybuilding too. With flexible arms, that’ll help you lift weights better too. I have noticed a little improvement when lifting weights myself in the gym.

I don’t really need to lift weights in the gym much ’cause Yoga and boxing will workout your whole body anyways. I still do lift weights but I only do that like once or twice a week now that I’ve gotten into yoga and boxing ’cause I don’t want to do too much.

Yoga is an amazing feeling, though. You gotta give it a try. It may look boring but once you do it, you’ll love it. As a matter of fact, I like yoga more than bodybuilding now. Yoga is brutal which is why I like it. You can get a sexy look body doing yoga, not spending a lot of time in the weight room. Bodybuilding is kind of overrated, I just wanted to try something different and am liking yoga a lot more. Yoga will get you in good enough shape too.



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