No, celebrities have no place in politics and here’s why…

When we Trump supporters say that celebs have no place in politics… the left will start saying things like, “Well that’s kind of ironic since Donald Trump, Ted Nugent and Jon Voight are celebrities and the right wing community loves them”.

Well that is correct that Donald Trump, Ted Nugent and Jon Voight are celebrities too but at least they respect other people’s opinions and they tell the truth most of the time. Those three guys I listed don’t shove their opinions down people’s throats unlike most celebrities.

The reason we can’t stand left-wing celebrities is cause like I said before, they think we all see the world the same way they do. Their intolerance is a lot worse than liberals who aren’t celebrities. They ram their opinions like mad, they’re like, “Agree with me or else…”. Right wing celebrities like Trump,  Nuge and Voight never did that. I don’t even look at them as “right-wing”, they’re just patriots who tell the truth like most of us Trump supporters.

Left-wing celebrities are very rude and disrespectful to people who don’t agree with them for example those tweets I posted above by Kirk Hammett (who is the lead guitarist of Metallica) and Stephen King the famous writer. Those two guys called out the Trump voters which is wrong and unprofessional for them to do. Kirk calling Trump voters “White supremacists”, really? Stephen calling Trump and his supporters, “the Age of Dumb”? LOL!

Read more here on this interesting blog why celebs should stay out of politics:

Celebrities talking about politics is very damaging for their careers. They don’t realize it at all. Maybe Mark Wahlberg and Gene Simmons are right that celebs should stay out of politics after all?

I used to like Stephen King ’cause I’ve collected most of his books over the years of my life. I used to be a die-hard Stephen King fan but I don’t think I am anymore. I’m thinking of selling all of my Stephen King books that I have on my bookshelf and I probably will. When the Spring & Summer comes, I’m thinking about having a yard sale ’cause I got a bunch of stuff to sell and get rid of anyways. Maybe I’ll sell all of my Bruce Springsteen albums that I have on CD and I’ll sell of my U2 albums ’cause I’m tired of Bono’s shit too. I don’t even know if I want to keep supporting Soundgarden and Chris Cornell music ’cause Audioslave played an anti-Inaugural event. Sad, all of this people I used to love and admire won’t stop their liberal garbage.

The same goes for local musicians and bands around the Albany area like I’ve had a post about before. They’re just as bad as Hollywood. Local bands in Albany are terrible with their politics here. I wish they all would shut up and play the music. Do what they’re supposed to do.

Why is it that celebrities and local bands/artists trying to be left-wing political activists? Is it because they’re trying to feel courageous around their fanbase? Do they think talking politics will get them more fans? Those are probably a few reasons.

For the most part, most of these people are brainwashed by the liberal MSM. They’re all obsessed with gun control, climate change, Standing Rock and all that crap. They need to knock it off or else they won’t have a career at all.






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