Oscar nominations are in, this year should keep the race baiters happy ’cause there are more black nominations this year… Oscars so black???



Well, the Oscar nominations are in. Hey Rev. Al Sharpton, I hope you’re happy this year. I’ll never forget that Rev. Al Sharpton cried about Oscars being so white so the Oscars had more black nominations this year to keep him and his race baiting buddies happy. Are the Oscars the BET Awards now? Seems like it!

Anyways, I’m happy that the film “Arrival” actually got a Best Picture nomination but pissed that Amy Adams got snubbed for that role ’cause I thought she did really good in that film and her performance was Oscar worthy.

The only film I’ve seen of the Best Picture nominees was “Arrival”, I haven’t seen any of the others this year at all; although, “Hell or High Water” and “Hacksaw Ridge” I was meaning to check out ’cause those two films look really good. I’m planning to buy the BluRay to those two films real soon.

While I would think that everybody would like to see “Hacksaw Ridge” win the best picture — it won’t. The Best Picture will no doubt go to one of those three films about black people: either “Moonlight”, “Fences” or “Hidden Figures” will get it. If none of the movies with black people in them won Best Picture, there will be more controversy  and Oscars would get called racist again. No doubt that this will be the blacks year, they’ll sweep everything. I’m betting “Moonlight” will probably get Best Picture ’cause that film has been winning a lot of awards lately.

I’m boycotting the Oscars this year. I won’t even watch at all and have better things to do. I’m fed up with liberal Hollywood like most people. There will no doubt be a lot of Trump bashing by the Oscars host and award presenters, another reason to boycott.




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