Thinking I’m gonna cancel Netflix later today, probably will… so done…

First Netflix makes a movie about Barack Obama, then they fight against Trump’s Muslim ban and now they make a racist TV show against white people called, “Dear White People”. I gave Netflix plenty of chances but after their “Dear White People” teaser, that’s the final straw.

I don’t really need Netflix anyways. Their streaming choices has been shit to begin with. There are other options for me to watch movies and TV shows online, though. Would I switch to Hulu? No, probably ’cause Hulu is just as bad as Netflix. Hulu is just as liberal. I might switch to HBO NOW, not sure yet ’cause I actually liked HBO NOW. Yeah, HBO is pretty liberal too but at least they don’t ram their opinions down people’s throats like Netflix does.

If I want to watch TV shows or movies, I can just rent ’em from Itunes or rent/buy from the Playstation Store so I may not get any other streaming services at all. I only bought one show from the Playstation Store which was “Ash vs. Evil Dead” but if I want to watch other shows online, I can get ’em from the PSN. The PSN has every TV show you could ever want. I can also continue to buy movies and TV shows on Bluray/DVD which I have been. I’ve been buying all the “Game of Thrones” sets on DVD ’cause I don’t have HBO anymore but I’m thinking about getting it back with the HBO NOW streaming service. I’m a huge “Game of Thrones” nerd myself, fucking love that show!

I am keeping WWE Network, though ’cause I love the WWE Network. I’ve been watching WWE Network all year long. I’ve had WWE Network since the last Wrestlemania a year ago and I’m really loving that service. As some of you know, I’m a huge wrestling nerd and I’ve been watching a lot of old school wrestling on it which is what I got it for. I’ve also been watching the reality show, “Total Divas” on WWE Network and that’s a good show too.

Honestly, I don’t really need streaming services. They’re all pretty much junk and like I repeatedly stated above there are other options to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. I don’t watch a lot of TV anyways. I only watch TV at night, not during the day.

This week, I’ve been watching “Vikings – Season 1” ’cause there’s a lot of catching up I gotta do with that show. I love that show. Ragnar Lodbrok is a fucking badass character. The other characters of that show are great too: Floki, Lagertha, Siggy, Rollo, etc. It’s a great show, you should check it out too. Pretty dark and violent.




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