More on trying to improve myself with DAW recording as a musician…

So I’ve finished reading that “Music Theory For Computer Musicians” book that I talked about. Oddly enough, I already know most of the music theory that was taught in that book ’cause I’ve been studying really hard on music theory so I guess I am pretty much a music theory expert now. Even though I already know most stuff taught in that book I read, two things that I actually learned from that book that was actually pretty useful and helpful was that I understand how to use the “piano roll” in DAW software better. I also know how to do “score writing” better ’cause on Mixcraft 8 does include both piano roll and score writing. Ya know, the score writing feature where you can put your own notes on a treble clef and bass clef. I’ve been learning how to read music too and I think I can do that pretty well. Only thing I’m trying to improve on is my “ear training” and improvisation skills which is what I’m working so hard on. I’m trying to have a good ear in music. I feel that it’s important to know music theory, know how to read music and have a good ear. Once you have all three, you’ll be able to record everything you hear in your head and that’s my goal.

I also took a look through the “Making Music with Garageband and Mixcraft” book, while I already know most stuff taught through that book as well… the only reason I bought that book ’cause it had a section about “mixing and mastering” in it. I want to teach myself mixing and mastering which doesn’t look all that hard. Mixcraft DAW makes mixing and mastering easy for you.

I love Acoustica Mixcraft. It’s very similar to Apple’s “Garageband” but way better, in my opinion. Mixcraft is not just a music recording software, it’s also video editing. So will I one day start making MTV/VH1 styled music videos to my songs? I was always against making music videos to my songs but I’m thinking of giving it a try to see how it goes.

I’m thinking of buying myself a bass guitar sometime this year and that way I can put in my own bass lines using a real bass instead of MIDI. Would be cool and would be easier.

I’m getting the hang of this DAW stuff, though. Planning on messing around with Mixcraft more this year now that I got the full version. Looks like simple software. Other DAW’s like ProTools, Ableton Live, FL Studio, etc. They all make music recording difficult and challenging for ya but not with Mixcraft. Mixcraft looks so easy that even a little kid could probably be good with it.

I want to get back into writing and recording. Itching to get new music out pretty badly.



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