RIP: Bill Paxton 1955 – 2017


Another sad loss in Hollywood… actor Bill Paxton has just passed on. This one really sucks ’cause Bill Paxton has always been one of my favorite actors even if he played in smaller roles in certain films. In case you have forgotten who he was… he was the leading star of the hit disaster movie, “Twister” which I’m sure everyone has seen. He also had major roles in films such as “Aliens”, “True Lies”, “Titanic”, “Frailty”, “Weird Science”, “Apollo 13”, etc. He also had a small part in the first “Terminator” movie where he played the punk with the blue spiked hair, yep that was Bill Paxton saying, “Nice night for a walk, hey”? (see video below).

Bill’s latest acting project before his passing was that he was one of the leading roles for the “Training Day” TV show. According to reports, he finished season 1 before his passing.

I wonder if the Oscars tonight will mention him in the “In Memoriam” segment? They probably will. I’m sure they added him in there on the last minute. They better mention him tonight.

Bill Paxton was a great talent and he seemed like a great dude even if I’ve never met him. I don’t think he got involved in politics that much and just focused on his acting career which other actors should take note.

Bill was awesome though and “Frailty” was one of my favorite roles he’s been in. “Frailty” a horror film in which he starred in and directed himself.

Bill was 61 years old.



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