Is original rock n’ roll pretty much dead in local music? I would say yes…

Even though I haven’t been going out to shows to support the local music scene much like I used to, I have noticed a bit of a change over the years, though. I remember in the past, original rock n’ roll used to be huge in the Albany area. A lot of rock n’ roll bands that I liked getting themselves established around this area but it seems that those days are dead and gone.

Lately, I have been seeing this area establishing mostly pop and folk music artists. Original country is getting bigger around here too. It seems that this area doesn’t care about rock n’ roll anymore.

What bothers me about this area is that this music scene tends to promote music and establish artists that is pretty similar to the national music industry. Pop music and country is so popular in mainstream music then chances are pop and country will be popular in local music too.

Such a shame ’cause when I was young, I used to go to local rock n’ roll shows all the freakin’ time. There’s no rock music nowadays. These days local bands & artists are still in a desperate attempt to make it in the industry (many of them will never admit that). That is why more bands around here are playing pop music which saddens me really. Don’t wanna name names.

If I ever get a band of my own someday, I’m going to do my best to bring back the rock n’ roll. I’ve always loved rock music, it’s a shame no one cares about it anymore. These days everyone wants to dance to a country band or go watch a pop duo who plays around with MIDI controllers, loop machines and samplers. *yawn*

Where are all the bands that would play tight and energetic rock shows? I’m not talking about cover bands.

That’s the name of the game,  I guess. The music scene changes and evolves. I’ve seen it changed a lot over the years and really don’t like the way it is now.


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