That was the best speech Trump delivered since he started his presidential campaign… hopefully you haters will start to see that he’s a real leader after that!


I watched Trump’s first speech to Congress last night and it was freakin’ amazing! I was blown away ’cause that was Trump’s best speech he has ever done since he started his campaign. Yeah, Trump did a lot of speeches throughout his presidential campaign. Did a lot of speeches at his rallies and delivered a few speeches as President during press conferences at the White House but since this was his first speech to Congress, he did an incredible job.

This is exactly why we elected the man, folks. It’s why we all voted for him. He’s smart, a genius and patriotic! When will you haters ever get it? Some haters are starting to see that he’s a real leader after that speech but most haters are still hating on him.

What a breath of fresh air… from Obama to Trump. We finally have a prez who isn’t afraid to say “Radical Islamic Terrorism” and we finally have a prez who is all about America first. Trump’s speech last night was about “unity”. He really called out both Democrats and Republicans about not doing enough to build the American dream. He wanted both Democrats and Republicans to work together to make us a better country.

Democrats will never unite with us, unfortunately. They will always have one-sided opinions and have so much hatred and negativity. It’s crazy that the Democrats sat throughout most of it. They only stood up and applauded to certain things. Even though a lot of Republicans in Congress are anti-Trump, at least they were smart enough to respect our President.

A couple of powerful moments from last night’s speech was that Trump honored a couple of people. Trump gave a shoutout to Megan Crowley, that girl with the rare disease which was very special and heart warming. Trump gave a tribute to slain Navy Seal, Ryan Owens last night and the widow of Ryan Owens got a long standing ovation which was powerful.

One thing I’m noticing today that a lot of liberals and anti-Trump people saying hateful and disrespectful things about Trump honoring Ryan Owens. Saying nasty stuff about Trump sending out Navy Seals to get killed. My question is when did liberals ever care about our military? Obama sent out Navy Seals to get killed as well. That’s what happened during the Bin Laden raid, Navy Seals got killed during it and also Navy Seals were killed during the Chinook Helicopter shootout also under Obama. Obama sent many soldiers out to war to get killed and they never bat an eye. It’s disgusting and shameful that liberals would continue to say negative things about the widow of Ryan Owens. Accusing Trump of using her as a “prop”? Shameful and disgusting. The more liberals continue to say hateful and negative things about Trump after that speech, the more they show their true colors. Liberals are disgusting pigs, I tell ya. It’s amazing how one-sided they continue to be.

It was an incredible speech. We finally have a real president.


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