Are singer/songwriter acoustic shows boring? Yes, absolutely…

I was just doing some googling on musician stuff and stumbled upon this interesting blog about “8 reasons why singer/songwriter shows are boring”. It’s a good write-up and I agree with most of it to be honest.

Yeah, most singer/songwriter acoustic shows are boring as fuck and I’ve seen a lot of them over the years of my life. This article here explains why singer/songwriter solo shows are boring and this article here explains how you can make your performances less-boring:

When I used to play out and believe me, I used to play acoustic solo shows all the time in the past… I would do my best to give people a night they wouldn’t forget. People would drive all the way to see me perform so I would give them my best performance.

When I write originals, I do my best to write good originals that people would remember and actually like. That way after a show of mine, people would remember the song. Most people remember songs like “Evil Fred”, “Mr. Tough Guy” and “Time Bomb”  (original songs I wrote) which is why I played those three songs at all of my gigs. Why? Because those three songs were the most requested. It’s hard to get people to like your original music but somehow I seemed to have pulled it off. Not trying to sound egotistical, just telling it like it is.

A lot of singer/songwriters do look plain when they go on stage, ya know, look casual. I never tried to look plain when I go on stage. I would dress up into nice clothing. At most of my gigs, I would dress up all in black mostly ’cause that’s my style.

When I play my gigs, I like to put on a fucking performance… not a sleeper fest. When I play my guitar and sing on stage, I like to look like I’m having a fun time. Move around, bop my head up and down to the music and go crazy, ya know? Most singer/songwriters I’ve seen over the years just stand there like a zombie looking nervous and stuff. I like to perform with confidence.

As for playing one instrument, I do play one instrument but trying to learn the piano/keyboards so that’s a start.

It is always important to throw in a few covers at your live performances ’cause I’ve always tried to do that. It all depends on the show, if they want to hear all originals then play all originals but if covers are requested then play some. This is why I’m desperately trying to learn a bunch of cover songs just in case I go back out there performing live again ’cause I think I’m gonna.

That article I posted above is a good read if you’re a musician yourself and if you perform live often.

With all this being said, I do miss performing live and writing original songs. I’m planning to get back into it.



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