Trump Jr. wants to run for NY governor… oh please go for it! We could really use him, we need to make NY great again!

For many years NY State had corrupted liberal governors destroying our great state. I love NY State but I hate seeing corrupted governors ruining our state: Elliot Spitzer, David Patterson and now Andrew Cuomo! It’s finally time for a conservative NY governor for a change.

I’m all for Don Jr. running for NY governor. We could really use him too and we really need to make NY great again. The NY economy still sucks and we could use more jobs around this state for sure.

I hope he goes for it ’cause I would totally vote for him all the way and he would win easily too.

If Trump Jr. ran would he be running against Andrew Cuomo? Yeah,  probably ’cause Cuomo wants to run again in 2018. The next NY governor election is not ’til Nov. of next year in 2018. A NY governor is only allowed 4 years but has no term limits which means a governor can stay governor of NY for a pretty long time as long as he keeps winning elections every 4 years.

We really need to get rid of Cuomo and I think Don Jr. would beat him easily. NY State has many Trump supporters and if Don Jr. got on board, I’m sure many of us Trump supporters in NY would gladly support him.

Cuomo is corrupt to the core. Destroying the economy and Cuomo hates our police.


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