I may as well order my next electric guitar online after all…

I thought about going to Parkway Music in Clifton Park to buy my next electric guitar but I think I’m gonna do it online instead. Honestly, buying music gear online is a lot better than buying in an actual music shop. These days most musicians have been buying their gear and instruments online than in the store.

Over the years I’ve bought most of my music gear online and I’ve been pretty happy with my online purchases.

This guitar here caught my interest and this is the one I’m probably gonna go for… the Jackson JS32 Dinky:


If I want to get an electric guitar with a good metal sound, I thought I would go for a either a Jackson, Washburn or Ibanez and I think I’m gonna go for a Jackson. Soon I want to focus on playing hard rock & metal guitar.

When you want to play heavier rock music, you can’t pick any guitars at random ’cause some electric guitars out there weren’t made for playing metal… like for example a Fender Stratocaster. I love the Fender Strat but those guitars were made for rock n’ roll, blues or jazz. Hard rock & metal won’t sound good on Fender Strat after doing some researching about it.

The best guitar brands for metal would be Gibson Les Paul, Jackson, Washburn or Ibanez. I would love to get a Gibson Les Paul but if I can somehow come up with a couple of thousand, I would get one in a heartbeat but for now, I can only afford a guitar around the $300 – $500 price range.

I really want to play hard rock & metal ’cause those genres are what I grew up listening to. For many years of my life, I’ve written original songs on acoustic and now I want to try writing original songs on electric guitar. I want to try writing songs that are on more of a heavier side. Yep, I want to write songs with big riffs and headbanging rhythm inspired by my heroes like Led Zep, Hendrix, Sabbath, Maiden, Metallica, AC/DC, etc. I figure it’s time for me to finally rock and I want to rock hard.

I’ll have the cash ready pretty soon to buy the new guitar, definitely next month.

Along with the guitar I also plan on getting these and I’ll pick a strap to go along with it too:



I’ve always wanted to get a Fuzz pedal and the Fuzz Face is something I’ve always wanted to get so I can get a bit of a Hendrixy sound when I’m playing lead.

I want to start a pedal collection. The next pedal I want to get is a Boss Delay pedal ’cause I want Delay for my lead playing too. Delay sounds very cool when you’re soloing. I’ll get the Delay pedal sometime in the future, I want to get the fuzz pedal first. Fuzz is awesome for rock n’ roll.

I must say it’s kind of hard to find an electric guitar with a whammy bar ’cause there aren’t many out there. I want to get a guitar with a whammy bar so I can experiment and learn whammy tricks like the dive bomb and things like that.

When I get the new guitar, I’ll post pics and videos of me playing it. It’ll probably end up being the Jackson JS32 Dinky ’cause I’m real interested in that one.



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