Video: “How to deal with criticism” Joy Villa…

This video by Joy Villa gives music artists like myself advice on how to deal with criticism when it comes to your music. Over the years of my life, I’ve always gotten negative criticism toward my original songs and covers. I used to have a big problem with being defensive toward negative criticism and I still have that problem a little bit but I’m getting better at ignoring negative criticism. Now after watching this video, I believe that I should ignore all criticism of all kinds even the positive criticism ’cause like Joy Villa says in this video, “criticism kills the creativity”.

I remember over the years when I would write original songs, I would ask musicians constructive criticism on how I could make my song better to make it sound more professional. After watching this video, I realized that it was a bad idea and I should have never done that. I’ll never do that again next time I write a new batch of original songs, though.

Write songs however you want to and make music that makes you happy. Make the music that you like. I’m gonna have that attitude from this point forward. Ignore all criticism whether it’s negative or positive.

I still get negative criticism to my music today but I need to ignore all criticism and keep moving forward. Sounds like a good idea to me!

This is a great video and I agree with all of it. I needed to hear something like this too so thanks, Joy! If you’re a music artist or if you play in a band, you need to see this yourself.



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