I think I might get into martial arts pretty soon… it’s not too late to hopefully become a black belt…

So the YMCA in Greenwich may have stopped “Boxing Bootcamp” classes for good, I think which is a shame. I was really liking those classes and I was doing really good in boxing too. Ah well, I’ll probably continue to practice and learn boxing on my own ’cause I still plan on buying my own heavy bag for home soon, just gotta find a place to put one. Either that or I could hire another boxing trainer or something? Not sure.

Anyhow, I’m thinking about doing martial arts pretty soon and I might start this summer. I might join the NY Martial Arts Academy in Greenwich. There is a karate school in Greenwich after all and it’s $45 a month which isn’t too bad.

Could I one day become a black belt in “karate”? Hopefully and that’s what I want! If I can do boxing pretty good then I am capable of doing “karate” too.

I’m 40 years old and it’s not too late to get into karate at all. I know it’ll take a couple of years or more to become a black belt but I could become a black belt a lot quicker as long as I stay dedicated. Train hard and practice hard which I’m planning to do.

You’ll never see me in a professional fighting match of any kind. I don’t want a career out of fighting. You’ll never see me in an MMA cage or nothing like that. I just want to have fighting skills for self defense. Just in case, ya know? Plus, I want to have fun and enjoy myself. Karate, boxing, yoga, etc. I like doing all that. Good stress relievers and helps make you a happier person.

I could become a Mixed Martial Artist, just do it as a hobby. Not as a career. You’ll never see me in the UFC, although that would be pretty cool.



6 thoughts on “I think I might get into martial arts pretty soon… it’s not too late to hopefully become a black belt…”

  1. it’s certainly not too late. Do you have a place in mind? If you don’t then take the time to go and watch several. Some have classes that go from very serious all the way to what looks like day care. Speak to them about where along that path you should be, and of course reveal any physical limitations which you may have.

    Not too late!

    1. There is a karate school right in my hometown of Greenwich and I know right where the place is too. The place is on the same street where I used to live during my childhood years!

      Even though I have scoliosis, I can pretty much do anything physical except I can’t do backbending stuff. Other than that, I can do all the physical things I want. I love being physical.

      I would love to become a black belt.

      Just want to have fighting skills for self defense just in case someone wants to pick a fight with me. Ya know, if some punk wants to mess with the Brock, watch out.


      1. I prefer to lay on the couch and watch Japanese karate movies. I figure at least a move or two will soak into my head. At least that’s what I tell myself!

  2. I love martial arts films. I love watching Bruce Lee films for sure.

    I also love watching these low budget action films with Dolph Lundgren, Steven Seagal and Jean Claude Van Damme. Those three guys are martial artists. Netflix has a bunch of their movies and I love watching them. I’m a big action movie fan too.


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