Instead of getting a drum machine, I’ll probably just get Toontrack EZ drummer software…

So I’ve been studying drums, rhythm and timing even though I don’t have a drum set. I’ve been practicing virtual drums on GarageBand for the Ipad so that’s a good enough start.

Now that I have the full version for Mixcraft 8 DAW, I’ll be able to get drum software with it. Honestly, I’ve been looking at getting Toontrack EZ Drummer software for a pretty long time. It’s pretty popular software for home recording musicians. EZ Drummer has virtual drums on it and I can easily create my own drum tracks on that.

I’m going to look into getting EZ drummer pretty soon, $150 for it so it’s not that bad.

I love learning drums and studying rhythm & timing. The more I do, the more I wish I had my own real drum set. I could get one but it would take up so much space in this room and don’t want to make a lot of loud noise. I could get myself an electronic drum set but even though that would be quieter, it would still take up so much space in this room so I’m better off getting drum software or a drum machine. I’ll probably get drum software instead ’cause that would be easier. Drum software would have realistic sounding drums than a drum machine, though.

I want to make full band electric rock n’ roll. What will I name the full band electric project? Well look at the name of this site, “K’brocking” is not just the name of the site, it’s gonna be the name of my online band project. So therefor, “K’brocking” is a band name that I just came up with. Cool, hey?

For bass guitar lines, I’ll have to figure that out. I’ll use either MIDI for that or I could find a bass player who has DAW and I can have that person record bass lines for me ’cause that would be pretty cool if I collaborate with a real bass player. Or I’ll just record bass lines myself but playing them on my electric guitar and just setting the pitch down an octave. I could do it that way too. I’ll figure something out.

I will get this EZ drummer software sometime, maybe later this summer.




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