Just got back into practicing & learning piano again… I want to get good at this too so I can learn how to use MIDI controllers…

In the old days in the music world, if you wanted to be a one man band, you had to learn every instrument yourself. Nowadays with all this technology, you can be a one-man band much easier and quicker like with all of these DAW’s, MIDI controllers/keyboards, music softwares/apps and things like that. You can easily create your own full band tracks if you know how to do this stuff.

Last week, I’ve spent all week teaching myself how to play piano and I’m really liking it. I tried to practice piano before but I guess I stopped for a while. Gonna get back into it full time. I really should.

I want to learn piano so I can learn how to play electric MIDI keyboards, the ones that has MIDI In/outs on them. I already have a MIDI keyboard but it’s a really old Casio but I just use that for learning and practicing. Whenever I want to record songs with a MIDI keyboard, I’ll buy myself an even better one in the future. The ones that have all kinds of instruments on it. I’ll try my best to find a better keyboard that has realistic sounding instruments on it as I’m sure there’s plenty of  them out there. If I were to get a MIDI keyboard, I would probably get one that is at an affordable price. Nothing too expensive.

The piano practice is going real good, though. I’m getting good at it already. I’m getting good at piano already ’cause I already have so much music knowledge. If you’re good with guitar then you’ll probably be good with piano ’cause both are pretty much the same thing.

I do want to make my own backing tracks with my original songs. Drums, bass and I’ll use tons of other virtual instruments. I would also like to have orchestration playing in the background in some of my songs ’cause a lot of my originals were meant to be heard that way. So could I make an album one day with nothing but orchestration playing in the background and me singing over it? That’s another dream project of mine to do other than doing a metal album. I could do both at the same time if I wanted… make an orchestration and metal album… do a prog rock kind of thing. That’s what the mighty Dream Theater have done, put orchestration and metal together. I’ve been listening to Dream Theater for a long time and they’re an inspiration for that goal. Dream Theater is one of my favorite bands for sure.

I also want to write piano ballads. Just with a piano and voice ’cause I like that type of music too and always wanted to sing over piano.

The piano is fun. Wished I learned how to play piano years ago but it’s not too late to start now. I just want to do something other than guitar.



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