Isn’t it amazing how jealous people get when you get into fitness, bodybuilding, yoga or whatever…

Whenever I talk about fitness, bodybuilding, yoga, boxing, martial arts and all that stuff to other people a lot of times I won’t get that much of a response. Some don’t say anything at all and some will even go far as criticizing you a lot. When you want to get into bodybuilding & fitness,  people who are not even into that stuff at all will start saying that you’re doing some things “wrong”. It’s like really? The last people you want to take advice from is from  people who are not into bodybuilding or any kind of fitness. They act like “know it alls” ’cause they’re jealous of you, for sure. It’s obvious, right?

It’s crazy how people who are not even into fitness and they think they can give you all kinds of advice when they don’t do these things at all. Sit at home and watch TV all evening and they’re giving you fitness advice and criticizing you. Yeah, that’s the thing you know, when you get into fitness, you’re gonna get all kinds of jealous people for sure. No doubt. You’ve been into fitness for a long while and people want to act like know it alls. Crazy.

I don’t take bodybuilding and fitness advice from people who aren’t into it. I only take advice and listen to those who have been into it for a long time and if they’re a certified personal trainer, I might take advice from them too.

People get jealous of you ’cause they want what you have. A fit and toned body. I wish people would stop getting jealous and just get into fitness themselves but they never do. People getting jealous of me and criticizing me doesn’t bother me that much. It lets me know that I’m doing the right things and it lets me know that I’m looking pretty fit and muscular.

I’ve been into bodybuilding for like around 7 – 10 years now and still going at it. I like what I have now but still got a lot of work to do, though. I need to lower my bodyfat some more which I’m working on. Going to get back into mostly clean eating again on a full time basis this time.

I got into bodybuilding & fitness ’cause I want to have the body of my dreams. Look big and muscular, have six pack abs and all that. I feel I’m getting there, though. I don’t plan to compete in a bodybuilding competition ever, I just want the muscular look.

A lot of guys don’t want to admit that they get into bodybuilding ’cause they want to look sexy for the ladies and I do too. That is also one of my goals. It’s working pretty much ’cause ever since I got into bodybuilding, I’ve had more women hit on me lately which feels pretty good. I’m not making it up either.

Don’t listen to jealous people. Always focus on you. It’s good that people get jealous ’cause that’s what you want to do. It’s letting you know you’re going somewhere.


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