I understand where Trump is coming from ’cause I go through the same thing he’s going through…

Once again, I find it interesting how when people decide to attack someone and when that someone attacks back, that someone is a bad person all of a sudden. I go through the same thing. What Donald Trump is going through, reminds me of how the local music scene treated me over the years.

You see, local musicians and people involved in the music scene, thought it was okay to criticize me and bash me whenever they wanted. They had no problem to make fun of me all they wanted like through social networking, message boards, youtube, even blogs, etc. I decide to call the local music scene out for this stuff and sure enough they’ll be like, “Oh no, Brock is a douche and a troll. He’s so unprofessional and hurting the music scene”.

Same thing going on with Trump and the media. Media attacks him, Trump calls them out and now they think he’s a bad guy for it.

The local music scene thought it was okay to criticize my music, my singing, myself as a person and all kinds of stuff but when I decide to attack back even more aggressively, they don’t like that. I’m not gonna name names but they know who they are and many of them probably still follow my blog… ya know, the haters in this area. People publicly trash me, I call try to call them out for it and some people say I shouldn’t be doing that. Just ignore them and play my music. Kind of messed up, ya know?

In my opinion, I think it’s a good thing to attack those back when you’re attacked first. Trump has been inspiring me to do that more. It’s called standing up for yourself and there’s nothing wrong with that. I think Trump has been inspiring his supporters to do that ’cause I’m noticing that Trump supporters attack those back who attacks them first.

We should have every right to stand up to things of what we believe in and that means fighting back at the haters & bullies that come after you. When people attack you first, don’t let them think it’s okay. Just don’t sit there and let ’em win. Sitting there ignoring them is not gonna do anything. Usually when you call out people for attacking you, they usually play innocent victim every fucking time. Happens with me each time I call someone out for attacking me. They’re like, “Oh no, I have freedom of speech” and blah blah blah. Just like what’s going on in the media against Trump.

This is all fucked up. I still get haters to this day and I try to ignore them most of the time but Trump is inspiring me that I shouldn’t ignore them. Don’t let people think it’s okay to get away with their bullshit.

Stand up for yourself. Whether you get attacked by liberals. If you’re a musician and if you get haters, fight back at them as well. No matter what you do as a hobby or a profession you’re gonna get your share of haters. If you hit Donald Trump, he’s gonna hit you back harder. He’s inspiring me to have that same attitude and you should too. Fighting back at your haters used to be wrong but Trump is making it normal. Be tough and rise above!



One thought on “I understand where Trump is coming from ’cause I go through the same thing he’s going through…”

  1. Exactly. Very well stated.

    A favorite quote of mine from the illustrious Mark Twain:

    “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the FIGHT in the dog.”

    Happy Independence Day, K’Brocking!


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