Media praises liberal celebrities but ignores patriots like Gary Sinise for his hard work in supporting our disabled vets… shameful…


We have liberal celebrities like Madonna, Lena Dunham, Katy Perry and many others getting praised by Fake News MSM ’cause they speak out on stuff like LGBTQ rights, gun control, anti-Trump and stuff like that but ignore real hero celebrities like this guy. Most liberal celebrities sit there in their 5 million dollar mansions bitching and crying about stuff in America while Gary Sinise is doing something more productive with himself.

Gary Sinise who is most famous for playing Lt. Dan in “Forrest Gump’ has been out there working hard supporting and helping disabled (and non-disabled) Veterans in America. That’s what his Foundation is about. It’s a charity to help support our vets. Gary also plays bass in a cover band — called the Lt. Dan Band — that plays all kinds of events for veterans.

While this guy does a lot of acting in Hollywood still, he’s also doing a lot of work for our vets in the USA. Unfortunately, Gary doesn’t get much recognition for it which is a shame. That’s because the Fake News MSM has a huge hardon for liberal celebs and ignores patriotic people  like Gary Sinise.

What Gary is doing is pretty heroic. Being courageous is not someone who rants about gun control or rants about how gays are not getting their rights, being courageous is being patriotic to the country.

Gary Sinise is somebody who deserves the Nobel Peace Prize or the Medal of Freedom… or even better get honored in the Kennedy Center. Maybe Trump  will give him something soon ’cause Gary deserves something for his hard work supporting our Veterans.

Thanks Gary and keep doing what you do!



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