The trailer for SAW 8 is finally here, it’s called, “Jigsaw” and it’s a reboot apparently… starting the series over again…

I love the “SAW” series ’cause each film actually has a plot. Most horror films nowadays are typical slashers and gores without any story to it. Sure, “SAW” is full of slasher scenes and full of gore but hey… at least, they actually have a plot! I’m a huge fucking SAW fan.

Some of you know I am a huge fan of horror films. My love for horror films is pretty strong. I’ve watched horror flicks ever since I was a little kid.

I’m excited for Jigsaw’s return and thrilled that Tobin Bell is still playing him. The new SAW film is a reboot apparently as you can see in the trailer. I wonder how they’re gonna use the John Kramer storyline in this one??? Is John Kramer still dead? Obviously not. I can see why they had no choice to reboot the series ’cause it makes no sense to bring him back so might as well start the series all over again so John Kramer would have to get a new introduction in this new film.

I love the first “SAW” film starring Cary Elwes and Danny Glover. That’s a classic movie and it’s obviously the best of the series, in my opinion. John Kramer didn’t appear much in the first SAW film ’cause it was just an introduction. I’m sure Tobin Bell as Kramer would get a small part in the new “Jigsaw” film. In the other SAW movies, Tobin Bell starred throughout the entire films pretty much. How much will Tobin appear in “Jigsaw” film? We all know Tobin will be the voice of Jigsaw but I’m talking about when Kramer will appear in person like what happened at the end of the first SAW film.

These are awesome movies, though with smart storytelling… lots of twists and turns for sure. I’m sure the next movie will be in the same style. There are many people in this day and age who haven’t even seen the earlier SAW films so this film will definitely help draw more attention to the older series.

My question is will they use the main theme for SAW? The main theme in the video below. They usually use that theme toward the end of the film when a climax of a scene occurs… ya know, a scene when something major happens.

John Kramer is a badass character and can’t wait to see what he’s going to be like in the next film. I’m planning to re-watch the 7 films again before the next one comes out. I have ’em all on Bluray.

I’m sure this film is gonna be a box office smash. Every SAW film did well in the box office; each film were all big hits.




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