It’s official… United States is the fattest country in the world… not surprising really…

With fast food restaurants (and non-fast food restaurants) all over the place, healthy food being more expensive than junk food, people having a problem with drinking alcohol (yes, drinking alcohol makes you fat, get over it)… I’m not really surprised that the US turned out to be the fattest country in the world. Sure other countries has an obesity problem too but the US is the worst.

In this country, you see an overweight person at every turn; there are even a lot of people who are kind of chubby too.

I’m not against people who are obese but I find it sad that the mere fact that America has an obesity problem. You don’t see too many people who are thin or in pretty good shape these days. I’m not a fat person at all and I feel grateful for that.

Whenever we talk about this problem, people will scream: “you’re fat shaming”. We’re not fat shaming at all. Just speaking the truth and telling it like it is. The reason a lot of people in America are obese ’cause they don’t live prolific lifestyles. Just lazy people who don’t exercise and eat a lot of garbage. People get mad at that ’cause they can’t take the truth.

You wonder why the bodybuilding and fitness industry is so mainstream, right? While I’m glad bodybuilding and fitness is huge in America — only problem is a lot of people don’t want to work out. People either hate working out or simply not interested. I try my best to try to talk people into working out and many just don’t care, lol. That’s okay ’cause I love working out. I take it seriously and dedicated. Working out can be a lot of fun once you get into it. I love it. You should too.




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