Trying to sing like a rock & metal singer… it has always been my goal…

I’ve talked about working with, Metal Method’s “Vocal Power”, DVD instruction in the past before. That’s pretty much the only vocal instruction course that I work with but I should get into other instructional DVDs. For a long time now, I’ve been looking at an instructional DVD called, The Zen of Screaming.

Vocal Power is pretty good… I like it a lot, but I could use more.

My goal is to sing like a rock and metal singer. Always has been. Yeah, my goal is to try to get to those high pitch notes. I also want to learn how to scream and do some growling. I also want to sing with some rasp and a little grit. I want to sing in different styles and working all I can to get there.

The thing is, you can sit there and work with all these instructional stuff, doing all these exercises but one vital way in improving your singing is just by singing your favorite songs. Singing a lot of cover songs has helped me a lot over the years in my life.

I sing ’cause I love it. I just love the feeling of the head voice and feeling that buzzing sensation. It just feels real good.

When I first started out years ago, I was shit and never knew what I was doing. Back then, I’ll admit that I never had much of a range. I was singing like I was talking. People kept comparing my voice to Bob Dylan back in those days. To be honest, I didn’t like that comparison so I wanted to step-up and improve my singing voice so people would stop comparing me to Bob Dylan. For a long while now, I haven’t seen much comparisons of my voice to Bob Dylan lately which feels good which lets me know I’m on my way to becoming a pretty good singer. People comparing me to Bob Dylan, that’s when I realized I needed more range so I decided to practice my singing more. Take my singing to the next level.

Still got a long way to go but I’m happy what I have now vocally. I’m honestly starting to love singing more than playing the guitar. Singing is awesome. I teach myself to sing ’cause there aren’t any professional vocal coaches around here. I also learn to sing better by listening to my favorite singers: Robert Plant, David Bowie, Billy Joel, James Hetfield and others. I mainly want to be a rock and metal singer now; I’m tired of acoustic folk music. It’s finally time that I want to rock out and have a blast.



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