Correction about my vocal range, it’s actually in the “bass/baritone” range…


After testing out my vocal range on an actual piano, on C4 after middle C, I can only sing from C – F which is pretty much in the bass/baritone range. Still though, singing from C – F on C4 keys is pretty damn good and it’s getting there to C5 which is my goal. It means I’m almost there to the tenor range which is my goal. My goal in singing is to get to those higher notes. I’m working all I can to get there too and someday I will the more I practice. I don’t think I’ll ever get to “alto” and “soprano”, but I do want to become a “tenor”. At least I got the head voice down pretty well and can sing cleanly which is key to singing good.

I’m not looking to be the best singer in the world, and I probably never will be. I just wanna sing good enough vocals to my original songs… that is all. Maybe I should hire a professional vocal coach but I don’t know any around the area, so I have no choice but to teach myself.

I do love singing, though. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I sing every day. I’ll never give it up.



3 thoughts on “Correction about my vocal range, it’s actually in the “bass/baritone” range…”

  1. Kev, in my humble opinion, you should just try to explore the vocal range you already have. Make it more stable, more projected, more coloured. Together with the right posture and breathing technique, it will most definitely make you sound better while singing your own songs. Then later, you can improve your voice by slowly expanding your vocal range. The important thing is to go slowly and not feel tensed or hurt along the way. Singing should be effortless. And that’s hard to achieve. Just warm up your voice on a regular basis and practice. Think of it as training your body like you would do fitness or weights. Practice makes perfect.

    Enjoy it. That’s the point. 😉

    1. Thanks for all the tips. I feel my voice is pretty strong right now which isn’t bad for someone who is 41. People’s voices get worse as they age but mine is still pretty decent.

      I’m planning to get back into songwriting again to see how my voice sounds now.

      1. Age only matters if you’re cheese or wine. :))) If you’re physically fit there’s no reason why your voice shouldn’t be fit as well. I have 50yo students who sound younger than my 30yo ones. It’s all in the head. 😉 Have fun with songwriting and enjoy singing your songs. Cheers!

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