It is possible to go from negative criticism to positive criticism when it comes to your music… you just gotta improve your talent is all…

It’s nice to get positive feedback toward my cover songs each time I upload a new one. Each time I upload a new one, it gets all kinds of positive feedback. I remember the days when people used to make fun of my musical talent. Really, I got really harsh criticism toward my music back then. That’s when I realized that I needed to improve myself musically. Yeah, I know you should ignore the “haters”, but admittedly I guess they can sometimes be helpful. The haters honestly helped me improved musically. Nowadays, I don’t hear much negative criticism each time I put out something new. Most of the feedback I’ve been getting lately are mostly very positive.

If people are bashing your music, it is possible to get them to stop. Like I said above, sometimes you need to listen to the critics in order to improve. I decided to step-up… take music a little more seriously by taking my guitar skills to the next level and teaching myself how to sing better. I’ve also been learning music theory too. In order to get people to like you musically, you got to practice, practice, practice. That’s all there is to it. When you practice and get better, people will see it and respect you for it. I haven’t seen much people saying hateful things about my music nowadays which is awesome really.

I really do my best musically. I’m not trying to become the next music god or anything, I just want to get better is all. All musicians want to do their best at what they do. It’s pretty normal.

A lot of people refuses to acknowledge this, but it’s nice to have people who actually listen to my music whether it’s covers or originals. I’ve been getting feedback from people who aren’t even musicians at all which is even more amazing to me. That’s the type of listeners you want to attract to your music, ya know? You don’t really want to get feedback to your music from other musicians. You want to get feedback from people who are non-musicians. People who know nothing about being a musician… those are the kind of fans you want to have. If your only audience are nothing but musicians then you’re doing something wrong.

I do know I have some fans & supporters out there. It’s just that a lot of people refuses to acknowledge it. Some will call me names like “delusional” and all that crap, but I don’t make things up. I do know that I have a following with my music and people followed me for years. It’s them that inspires me to keep going in music; therefor, I’m itching for a new batch of original songs. I do love performing covers but I love songwriting too, and I want to get back into songwriting again.

I do have “fans” which is awesome… it’s why I’m dying to release my first album sometime ’cause it’s a longtime dream of mine. I want to do a full band rock n’ roll album. I’m tired of the acoustic thing.

It’s nice to have people that actually like my music now. Hard work pays off — it really does. If the Capital Region music scene doesn’t want to acknowledge that I have fans then that’s fine. Let them believe what they want to believe. People like my music and that makes me happy enough.

Thank you to all the fans… you’re the reason why I keep doing what I’m doing. Playing music for you. There will be new originals sometime in the future.


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