With all this sexual predator stuff going on in Hollywood and liberal politics in the music industry, I’m glad I’m not a famous person!!!

Fame may look a lot of fun, but that’s how the media paints it out to be. In reality, famous celebrities are nothing but sexual predators and liberal blowhards. I’m so glad that I’m not a famous person. Admittedly, I used to want fame in the past, but over the years as time went along — fame is not what I want anymore. In reality, fame is a dangerous and evil world to live in. Fame has all kinds of problems, not just liberal politics… lets list some of them: sexual abuse, sexual harassment, pedophiles in the industry, drugs, alcohol, celebs can be arrogant people, etc. I can go on and on.

Celebs sitting in their $5 – $10 million dollar mansions… does that look fun to you? I wouldn’t want that lifestyle at all. I would want my life simple and normal. Everybody wants fame, but after everything that’s going on with Harvey Weinstein, do you want it now? I wouldn’t want fame at all as you look at the way it’s going. Many celebrities died ’cause of all the problems in fame (e.g., Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson).

The media tries their best to make celebs look so glamorous, perfect and wonderful but in reality, they aren’t. They have problems like we do. Hollywood and the fame life is messed up. So to all those out there who dream of getting famous, you may want to think twice about that.

Fame is evil. It always has been. Fame destroyed a lot of lives over the years. It doesn’t always make your life positive and wonderful. Are you sure you want it? Not me. I’m happy with the way my life is going right now.


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