Feuds with other musicians, the hate needs to stop but it never will… Smallbany will always be smallbany…

It’s no secret that I have a tough time getting along with other bands & musicians over the years. A lot of musicians around this scene hates me. Yeah, there are many other musicians around this area that are haters of mine but not all musicians hates me, though. There are some musicians in this area who actually likes me, fans of mine and some that do like me as a person which is awesome. There are some wonderful and talented musicians who have stayed loyal to me over the years.

Some of you may ask, why is it that some musicians go on hating each other and having long-lasting feuds against each other? Feuds that go on for a long time. Well, like always “ego” and “jealousy” is always a huge part of that. A feud between musicians usually happens when one musician is more established than the other. You know, a musician who is more well-known than the other. Usually the established musicians always want to feel more “superior” than those who aren’t that well-known. The established musicians are the ones who have played the bigger stages, opened for some national acts maybe and got some local press. You tried your best to support them, look out for them and even try to become their friend, but they don’t care to show support in return at all. Instead, they always look down upon you all the time; always having negative thoughts and feelings about you.

I’ve been a part of the music scene for many years, so I can safely say that Albany is definitely one of the most negative music scenes I’ve ever seen. This area definitely does have a lot of problems. I’ve witnessed crazy shit over the years.

Yes, you will get backstabbers. Yes, you will get haters and bullies. Yes, you will get musicians who pretends to like you, but secretly they can’t stand you. Yes, you can’t trust anybody in the music scene. I’ve learned not to trust anybody over the years. It’s the best attitude to have as a musician. Don’t trust anybody and only focus on your own music. Only focus on you and not caring what everyone else says or thinks about you.

It’s good that bands & musicians got some success with their music, but that doesn’t make them more “superior” than others.  They’re still a local musician like me and everyone else. Whatever happened to being humble and courteous? Musicians don’t have that anymore nowadays. Most musicians nowadays are so ego-driven, arrogant and stuck-up. Most of them have a rock star attitude and always had. It’s gotten much worse today. When bands & musicians don’t care to show you support and always treating you in a negative direction when you’ve been nothing but supportive and helpful, it’s time to stop supporting them.

I’ve always learned it’s important to treat your fan base with love and respect when they support you. I will never talk down on them and never look down upon them. When fans like you for your music, you must support them in return and I do my best to do that. I don’t see that with bands nowadays. Thing is, there are some bands out there that are into music not to make new fans… some bands are into it for the money alone.

This is why I have stopped supporting the local music scene a long time ago ’cause this isn’t a very good music scene, and I’m sticking with my view on it. I’m just gonna focus on my own music only and that’s it.

This area tries their best to promote “positivity” in local music, but don’t believe the hype. It never was positive. There’s a lot of problems here. You know it, I know it.

Oh well, who cares right?

This area is very liberal with their politics anyways. Most musicians here wanted Hillary Clinton for president to begin with. That’s another problem with the scene ’cause they too can have loud voices with liberal politics and they can be SJW’s. Sad.

With all this being said, I’m not really worried about haters in the scene.  I can’t get everyone to like me and can’t please everyone. My life is good. Just working on my own music, just keeping on playing guitar and singing. I’ve also been keeping busy in my fitness life like with bodybuilding, yoga and boxing. My life is awesome.



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