We live in a world where we can’t disagree with people anymore and can’t have differences of opinion, sad…

This is what people in social networking are like nowadays. If you have differences of opinions and different views than everyone else then that makes you a bad person. Trust me, I’ve dealt with this shit many times over the years of my life when it comes to dealing with people on the internet. You see, I’m one of those who refuses to fit in with the crowd. I don’t have to be on the same  page as everyone else. I like to keep everything real ’cause I’m an honest man and that will never change. If something is on my mind, it’s gonna get said.

Whenever I disagree with someone on the internet and have differences of opinions, it appears to piss a lot of people off. Instead of discussing things with you like a mature adult or have a rational debate with you then they would lose their tempers and block you in social networking which is interesting. I’ve dealt with this many times with people… it doesn’t matter the topic. If people don’t like me being different then that’s fine. Fuck them for all I care. I think that’s what drives people crazy ’cause they know I’m real and they know I’m different, and they can’t take it.

Well, suck it up, buttercup. I don’t care if people get upset over my differences of opinions and thoughts. I’m a realist, that’s all there is to it. I just speak my truth no matter the consequences.

When people get pissed or unfriend/block me in social networking, that’s all fine and good. I don’t care. When people do that, usually they do it ’cause it’s a pretty good indication that you said something right and they didn’t like it. Getting blocked/unfriended by people is like the trash taking itself out. When people do that to you, that’s a pretty cowardly move.

I can have differences of opinions and different views all I want to. I don’t care the topic whether it’s politics, entertainment, music, local bands, etc. I’m real on everything. I’m just an honest guy and that’s all there is to it. If you can’t take a bit of honesty then that’s your loss, not mine.

If you want to know what life in social networking is all about then you’re reading about it right now. Just be yourself, you don’t need to fit in with the crowd. Never been my thing.

Just ranting a bit today. Just had to get this off my system.


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