How to avoid negative people explained here…


Whenever someone treats you in a negative direction then chances are that person probably treats everyone else they know the same way. This usually turns out correct most of the time. Ya know something, I’ve dealt with negative people all my life. We’ve all had. It’s just that a lot of you out there have a hard time avoiding negative people. A lot of you have a hard time spotting who they are. Through social networking, you see men and women in America complain about negative and toxic people in their lives everyday. You see it in FB and twitter.

I used to have a hard time about defending myself from negative people, but now negativity is so easy to ignore. As years went along and as I got older, I learned to avoid negative people like the plague.

I don’t deal with negativity. If someone is being negative to you in FB or twitter then block them. If someone is being negative to you through e-mail then don’t reply to them at all. If someone is being negative and rotten to your face and in person then just walk away. It’s easy to avoid negative people, yet people aren’t doing that these days. They just let negative people get all over them the more they respond.

Lately, I’ve gotten better at avoiding negative people. I just pretend that they don’t exist to me anymore is what I do. When people are being negative and toxic to you all of a sudden, it is funny how they never apologize… instead they always play the victim when they’re confronted. Happens to me all the time.

Yeah, there are a lot of assholes and douchebags in this world for sure. Some live under the delusion that everyone is so lovable and wonderful but not everyone.

I have no time for drama and negativity with anyone anymore. People still try to give me bullshit in social networking, but I don’t let it bother me anymore. I just ignore it and move forward. All I want to do in life is play my music and workout in the gym. I also do things that will get my mind off of negativity like Yoga and that really helps.

Yeah, people are getting negative and crazy nowadays but it’s easy to ignore it. You just gotta learn to stay strong and be tough. As Sly Stallone would say, keep punching. Keep living life and keep being happy. Don’t let negativity take you down.


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