Having other musicians as haters… why? Is it because they’re jealous? I would say so! Can’t think of any other reason!

I’ve been doing research on bands and musicians in the local/independent scene of music and stumbled upon this interesting blog. While I agree with most of this blog, no. 6 is what got my attention:

6. Arrogant fellow musicians

Anyone who’s constantly implying – or even stating outright – how much better they are than you is probably a supercilious jerk. They might even be jealous. Who knows what these people are thinking? All they seem to want is to put other people down, and themselves on the highest pedestal. That isn’t helping anybody, and if you listen long enough, you might start to believe them.


Yep. When I interact with other musicians online in the local/independent community, I’ve always had musicians acting like they’re better than me and always trying to put me down. Why would you get into feuds and hold negative grudges with other musicians in the community? Like always, it’s usually “ego” and “jealousy”.

Think about this, if they weren’t jealous of you then they wouldn’t be treating you in a negative direction all the time. What would other musicians be jealous of you about? Is it because you play guitar and sing better than them? That could be it! Is it because they know you are a talented musician and they will never admit it? That could be another reason. Are they jealous that they know that you can be something special musically?

I’m not trying to say that I’m more talented than other musicians, but there are gonna be many who will never admit that I’m pretty good.

Other musicians not liking you, that’s not your problem… it’s their problem. It’s them. It’s sad, though. You try your best to show your utmost respect and admiration to certain musicians that you like, but they don’t care to show you love and support in return. That happens to me all the time. They’re always trash talking ya and always having negative feelings about you. Those aren’t the type of musicians you need in your life anyways.

Yeah, when you want to be a musician and get yourself out there, you’re definitely gonna get musicians as haters — that’s actually a good thing. You know your music is getting some attention. Not all musicians are gonna hate you, though, there will be some kind and wonderful musicians who will show you the utmost respect and admiration to you back. You’ll know who your true supporters are. The true supporters in the musicians community are the ones who will never trash talk you, always proud of you and these are the people who really thinks you’re talented and actually likes your music. When I give musicians a lot of support, some of them do give back by giving me free CD’s or a shoutout on their social media pages, and I’ve gotten both of those which is cool! When musicians aren’t doing that when you try to show them support then there’s a problem right there.

Yeah, it seems that supporting musicians is a one-way street nowadays, so don’t let it bother you. I like what I do musically, and it’s definitely gonna make others jealous. No doubt that some musicians are gonna be huge egomaniacs and none of them will admit it.

Some musicians not liking me out there, many want to say that I brought it upon myself and think it’s my fault but not really. Some musicians are just assholes and egomaniacs… that’s all there is to it. Don’t let other musicians think they’re more superior than you are ’cause they’re not. Like I said before, they’re just a musician just like you and me. Some say I have “delusions of grandeur” as a musician, but there are plenty of musicians out there who have just that. There are plenty of whack jobs in the music community, trust me.





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